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AIR⋮FOOD is above all two passionate visionaries, Marc & Thierry.  They have come from two completely different paths. One was a contractor in logistics the other a Chef in London and Paris. What they both have in common besides the love of good food is the love of Street Culture.  Years ago they met in Paris during a regular sale of shoes at the Place de la République...

From this meeting, the pair launched INTO A COLLABORATION OF SHARING THEIR PASSION FOR FOOD.  THEY STARTED WITH pop-up restaurants with the aim of offering gastronomic street food to all, from a range of mixed recipes from different cultures and from gastro to street food. Then they had a brain wave…………

Resulting in Multiple pop-up events:           Quai des Orfèvres,     Quai 54, launch of Max Limol's book, and A back to the future event...

If we were to     summarize AIR FOOD in two words they would be PASSION and SHARING.

Our aims and goals

Our goal today is to share our world with transparency and pure simplicity.  We offer you a brilliant kind of cuisine worthy of the price and respectful of the seasons.

Creating a bridge between our various partners, our establishment, and you.

We are aware about the damage that is being caused by the Sneakers and textile industries on the environment. Unfortunately, that does not prevent us from loving them, but we do ask questions of ourselves:

To what extent can we interact in favor of the planet and your health?

The first solution according to us, is to carefully select both our partners, the products and the choices we offer.

Thus Air Food does not have any deep fat fryers and cooks in an innovative way called "low temperature process".

The selection of our partners is of utmost importance to us, we favor local sellers who provide high quality and have full traceability of their products and have direct contact with small producers.

We also want to respect the seasons, so we change our menu seasonally.  All of our dishes, sauces, and desserts are handmade fresh daily from scratch.

We will limit the use of non-organic products to less than 30%.

The creation of the water bar is a way for us to share the richness of this universe that is “water” through its differences and its mineral richness and goodness.

98% of the bottles of our water are made from recycled glass, and the remaining two percent use PET recycled plastic and BPA Free.