L’APPART by AIR FOOD is above all two passionate visionaries, Marc and Thierry. They have come from two completely different paths.

One was a contractor in logistics the other a chef in London and Paris.
What they both have in common besides the love of good food is the love of sneaker & the Hypebeast culture. Years ago they met in Paris during a regular sale of shoes at the Place de la République…




From this meeting, the pair launched into a collaboration of sharing their passion for food.

They started with pop-up restaurants with the aim of offering gastronomic street food to all, ranging of mixed recipes from different cultures & street food. Then they had a brainwave, resulting into transforming their Pop-up shops into a brick & motor restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. From PARIS to LA, come travel with us as we take your tastebuds and experience through a miracles journey through our lives. From the traditional French cuisines to our French & World Fusion from Europe, Middle East, Africa to North Americas. Embark on a journey & experience thats priceless.