Air Food - Newest Santa Monica Restaurant Opens Tonight

Let me set the duck up, if I may, without prepping it first with L’Orange Sauce.  I'm somewhat of an aficionado of craft beer and have an affinity for food ranging from the finest sushi to McDonalds cheeseburgers in equal measure if that counts for anything.  This in no way qualifies me to evaluate haute cuisine, but I do feel like I've eaten at enough restaurants in my life to be able to form an opinion.  Sure, I like just about everything ethnic, but it’s tough to excite the palate if you don’t go for a “true” dining experience... Let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, you have about 10 restaurants within a five-mile radius that have become your go-to that you don’t even need a menu anymore.

So, it’s with this open mind and empty belly Chanin and I headed over to Air Food on Saturday at the generous invitation of owner Marcus and his wife Fatiha. 

Upon walking up to Air Food, my first thoughts were: hot damn, they could not be in a better location; 109 Broadway is steps from Ocean (and the ocean) and in the heart of downtown Santa Monica. The place looks great and I immediately regretted not dressing better.  No worries, Marcus reassured me, the concept is to bring a gastronomic experience to a more informal bistro setting, hence the newly coined term “bistronomique”.  Marcus’ enormous smiles/laughter and the general upbeat nature of his staff serve to reinforce that this is supposed to be a casual experience, so we walked on in and sat at the bar to observe the kitchen hustle and bustle...