Air Food Blows Into Santa Monica With French Favorites and a ‘Water Bar’

Just in case you thought Santa Monica was only populated by fast casual restaurants and decades-old Italian spots these days, here comes Air Food. The decidedly French eatery keeps things just as airy as the name would suggest over on Broadway, with a sunny new dining room and outdoor patio for hanging out while the marine layer rolls in.

Toddrickallen has been on the Air Food beat for some time now, after first noticing the changes going on at the former Seaside Grill space. Apparently Air Food is up and running now, as a so-called “VIP soft opening celebration” took place last weekend. There’s even a few shots of the space and the food up on Yelp already, though the restaurant’s website mostly remains under lock and key.

So what’s to know about the place? Apparently owners Marc and Thierry met in Paris in 2014, and have been staging pop-ups together almost ever since. Now they’ve landed in Santa Monica with plans to keep things healthy and casual but with an upscale bent, particularly in the glossy white and blue decor. Nearby competition might be something like the award-winning Erven, though Air Food is decidedly not trying to work the vegan angle...