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We want to share our culture with you, with transparency and simplicity, and we're doing this by carefully selecting our chefs, our partners, and limiting the use of non-organic products to less than 30%. We offer you a brilliant menu worthy of your budget and in respect of all four seasons.

Thus AIR FOOD does not have any deep fryers and aims to cook in an innovative way called "low temperature process". The selection of our partners is of utmost importance to us, we favor local sellers who are generally better and have full traceability of their products. We also respect the seasons, and make all our dishes, sauces, and desserts on the spot. The creation of the water bar is a way for us to share the richness of this universe that is “water” through its differences and its mineral richness and goodness. 98% of the bottles of our water selection are made from recycled glass, and the remaining two percent use PET recycled plastic.


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Water bar

Water is a vital element... Like the rock that accompanies it throughout its life, it shares a common point. It exists in a wide range of varieties.

55 references in 19 countries from Croatia to the English hills, from millennial Canadian icebergs to the New Zealand plains. Waters with surprisingly different DNA from one to the other. Throughout our water selection we want to share the complexity and the richness of this mineral water world with you.

"Nature is a barman, The Rock the bitter, and the water is the cocktail that result of this alchemy."

- Anka