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It's a one-of-a-kind experience of French- American cuisine & atmosphere.

AIRFOOD offers different menus smartly mixing American and French dishes, for example, for lunch you can try a typically French meal, or enjoy the burger bar with a choice of vegetarian burger, plain burger, bacon burger, Brie cheese burger, salmon burger, chicken burger and some special for dinner, such as the plain burger with its foie gras cream, and Emmental cheese, knowing that any dish you will try will have its own American and French touch.


french restaurant water bar santa monica ca

Water bar

Water is a vital element... Like the rock that accompanies it throughout its life, it shares a common point. It exists in a wide range of varieties.

55 references in 19 countries from Croatia to the English hills, from millennial Canadian icebergs to the New Zealand plains. Waters with surprisingly different DNA from one to the other. Throughout our water selection we want to share the complexity and the richness of this mineral water world with you.

"Nature is a barman, The Rock the bitter, and the water is the cocktail that result of this alchemy."

- Anka